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Realistic Flight Model animated parts basic details included:
- Accurate configuration on flaps, rudder, aileron, elevator, spoiler, propeller, gear compressed, steerable front gear and retractable gears.

- Accurate and precise flight modeling tailor-make for FS with sweet fame rate.
- Highly detailed gear and accurate moving parts.
- Animated passenger door and cargo door.
- Accurate wing root section and wing profile.
- Reflective shinely texture.
- Metallic object is really reflect with environment.
- Reflective glass is really transparent and reflective.
- Highly detailed windows.
- The cockpit and fuselage windows are really cut.
- Free download repainted liveries.
- FS standard cockpit 2D panel.
- Simple 3D Virtual Cockpit
- with FS basic function gauges..
- Gear door open.
- Additional 4 Wing Views
- Right Engine Fire for single engine climb test.
- Authentic sound effect created for real Jetstream 41.
- Special model for Search & Rescue
- Virtual Cabin


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Gear SystemSpecial EffectWing viewMore VC



Exclusive visual effects to make your flying experience even more enjoyable and realistic:

- Air Droppable Life-rafts effect for Search & Rescue (FS2004 only)
- Realistically animated windscreen wipers with 2 speed button control. (FS2004 only)
- Engine fire
- Automatically Co-pilot V1, Vr, V2 speed call out with the payload being changed. (FS2004 only)



PAOB highly recommended the following FS Addon, it will improve your flying technic, even make your flight become much realistic and professional. We will create their common files for you to download, so that the Addon could support our J41 well.


Flight Deck Companion - FDC:

"Performance File" - data which come from original BAe Jetstream 41 operating manual. So that the Auto Co-pilot will operate the J41 in right performance of flight dynamic.

"Check List File" - already setup well, which reference come from J41 flight test engineer's modification. It is simplified for general use of all FS simmer. So you can fly J41 with interactive Check List call out from the Auto Co-Pilot now!



"Payload_Model File" - included many payload reference data which come from offical BAe Jetstream 41. e.g. the Center of gravity, Stations in different location and Paylaod limitation.


"More PAOB highly recommended"



Some payware Addons will never be included the package of PAOB J41 installer, you should buy it by yoursef.

Some is freeware, it is free for dwonload in the original website.


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Fokker 50/60 : Vref. is the landing threshold speed during final approach at a height of 50 feet above the runway. Recommended final approach speed is Vref. + 10 knots.

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