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PAOB Jetstream 41 Product Review from Customers

I have been looking for a good JS41 for ages. Tried all the free offerings on Avsim & FS,com. This is the best model I have ever flown. I'm a VA pilot with over 2000 hours for a variety of VA's. I've tried the Majestic Dash 8, Aerosoft's ATR's, PMDG's Beech'e etc. This plane is among the best. I really enjoy commuter type flights normally within the UK or Europe so the JS41 is ideal for nearly all the flights I do. The payware model is far superior to the free version and the panel has been improved as well. She actually looks the part as well with some nice free paint jobs. I'm using the plane to fly all the Easter Air flight routes in the UK at the moment. There are some screen shots on the website. Having started siming with FS98, I can honestly say this is my favourite plane of all time.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Barrie Lewis




I have to admit to feeling let down by this aircraft on first impressions. I Suppose i had fallen into the trap of believing that a model couldn't be any good if it didn't have RealAir quality wrong i was! This beauty flies a treat and i rate it on a par if not better than anything else i've purchased. Fortunately i have the ISG set and FDC which, together with the J41, makes for a very satisfying experience. Check out the website to see just how much passion went into this aircraft and the support and dedication of the PAOB team. Outstanding!

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Stephen Flannigan, 09/10/2007




Hi Simmers I love this plane and it has very big potential. The model is very accurate and looks very close to the real thing. The overhead panel is still not fully operational, but with my contact with the developer, it is been taken care of. I myself had some problems flying in FSX, but thanks to quick respond from the development team, the issue was solved in matter of hours! I will like to thank Gordon Lee, for his very well VIP care that I received. This is the first time I get a personal solution to my problem in the flight sim comunity, so fast. For all that is mentioned above, I give this product my full credit. Very well job done guys.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
David Williams, 01/26/2007





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