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The Fokker 60 Operation Manual  are base on Fokker 50

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Version 1.1 update on 26 July 2009


"Reference Sheet: The reference sheet in HTML format is readable through the kneeboard, and it provides data about V speeds and flaps settings.

Manuals: Several manuals in Adobe Acrobat format (PFD) describe just about everything needed for realistically simulating flight in this aircraft, such as flight data, navigation methods, engines, and panels. These include an 80-page basic manual for FSX plus real manuals of "Flight Controls," "Landing Gear," and "Power Plant."  for Pro-Simmers refer.

Images: Aircraft diagrams presumably scanned from official manuals describe dimensions, cabin layout, weights, and performance features. They are contained in numerous files in various formats such as BMP, GIF, and JPG."



"You’ll see two folders within the FK60_VX1 folder which contain manuals. One is for Important Reminders and Tips and the other contains the Manuals and Speed Reference charts. They’ve included a nice intro flight section so you can learn how to fly the F60 properly.

Throughout the manuals you’ll see it’s referenced to the F50. They do assure us on their website that the flight dynamics are for an F60. The Intro Flight is really helpful and advised reading. If you’re anxious to get going you can read the manual on How to Quick Start the Engines and figure the rest out for yourself.

The manuals are well written and informative. There’s enough here to be proficient in flying the F60 but not so much that it’s intimidating. They’ve included a speed and performance chart but it’s in Excel so if you don’t have Excel or the OpenOffice package (which is free anyhow) you won’t be able to set up the V speeds properly. PDF versions would have been nice so that everyone can use them."



If you cannot find the high resolution "Fokker 50 Cutaway Drawing" in jpg format, please contact us! But not free!

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Pilot Tips

Fokker 50/60 : Vref. is the landing threshold speed during final approach at a height of 50 feet above the runway. Recommended final approach speed is Vref. + 10 knots.

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