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Fokker 60 Review by

"This is an impressive rendition of a rare aircraft. Although based on a commonly flown aircraft, only four Fokker 60 models were ever produced. Visuals are realistic and accurate inside and out. Flight modeling seems too easy, but the developer says modeling is based on real-data input and pilot consultation. Supporting documents are copious. Tech support is prompt and courteous."

"Five models for Microsoft Flight Simulator X ® are offered by Precision Aerobus (PAOB). Three are painted in camouflage, one is depicted as a cargo aircraft for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and one is depicted as a passenger airliner for KLM. They are called Medical Evacuation, Utility Parachute, Utility Alternate, KLM Cargo, and KLM General. The primary difference between the two KLM aircraft is the right-side cargo door on the cargo version. "

"Precision Aerobus' renditions of these Fokker 60s are mostly accurate compared with photos I found on the Internet. Overall dimensions and shapes are accurate, and I found real-world photos of gray camouflage liveries."

- Bill Stack

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Fokker 60 Review by

"When I do a review I usually type it up and then sit on it for a week or so and use the product more. This way I am sure my review is complete and I’ve said everything I wanted to say. The more I used the F60 the more I liked it. It’s really nice to fly once you get used to it."

"The external view of the F60 is quite nice. They’ve included dirt and smoke spots to make it look more realistic. The reflections are not overdone as I’ve seen on some planes and appropriate. The tires look really good, too. They look like a fresh new set with a few landings on them and looks like rubber. The best tires I’ve seen in FSX. The windows are done properly and you can see through to the other side at the correct angles."

"Stepping inside we see that the VC textures look somewhat plain while the 2D panel looks a little more textured. The Yoke in the VC moves smoothly. The annunciator panel works properly with many levels of failures capable of being indicated. The panel is well replicated and is almost completely functional. Some of the overhead switches don’t work but these are only ones that are rarely used or very difficult to simulate so you’re not missing anything. The reflections of the cockpit on the windows is a nice touch."

- Andrew Barter

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"I agree with the review. I am very happy with this Fokker I have them all because I am a Fokker freak. It is a whole lot of fun to fly. If you have ISG1 you can use that as an FMC and if you have Avlasoft EFB than yoy can easily load yoy flightplans made with EFB into the FMC of ISG1 and fly the Fokker by FMC. But beside of those addons It is also a lot of fun flying without the FMC and just flying the old fashioned way using VOR and ADF, or if yoy like it GPS
Happy flying and keep up the good work.

- By Leo Bultje

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Fokker 50/60 : Vref. is the landing threshold speed during final approach at a height of 50 feet above the runway. Recommended final approach speed is Vref. + 10 knots.

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