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Why you want to fly Fokker 50?

Yes! Because you may took it before! Fokker 50 is a medium large size aircraft, it could be found in many counties of the world! The aircraft structure is based on 40 years of experience with Fokker 27 Friendship. It success surpassed belief, this has resulted in an economic repair life of 90,000 landings.

PAOB would like to create an aircraft that it will make your flight simmulation experience much challenge and realistic.

If you are the simmer would like to follow many of detail and make your flight perfect. PAOB Fokker 50 is a moderate high level which provide you a detail Operation Manuals and realistic procedures Check Lists.

Detail are not means complex - The Flight deck Fokker 50 features a 'dark cockpit' philosophy - It is easy to fly and all contribute to reduced pilot workload. The panel quite user friendly, you no need to spend a month on reading huge pages manual.

Easy not means no detail - Our manual is over 80 pages high quality pdf file and the others 20 page "Speed & Performance" in xls tables. You can concentrate on the realistic "Check Lists" procedures which are build in panel by integrated file system with first officer's voice.

PAOB's products feature - "Art of Machine" philosophy - so we are not only specially great on precise Modeling, but also strong in Flight Dynamic. We try our best to input the real data on flight dynamic files, then being the intensive flight dynamic test.

The Panel Project Development are co-operate with a talented gauge progammer and panel designer. Our virtual cockpit panel simulation was upgarded into a new level!

This is the only way to land there - fly 500ft beside the mountains for fly in the fjord and you need to take a sharp U-Turn just befor you lineup the runway for Landing in the opposite side of mountains. This is done there many times a week and don't forget there is no IFR Equipment, there are done visual only.

This 230 degree turn to the runway is necessary because of the high mountains encircling the airport. This approach is dreaded by passengers in bad weather because you are so close to the mountains in a 35-40 degree bank. This airport has high limits conscerning cloud level and winds. Once you are in the fjord, go around is not an option.



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Pilot Tips

Fokker 50/60 : Vref. is the landing threshold speed during final approach at a height of 50 feet above the runway. Recommended final approach speed is Vref. + 10 knots.

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