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NEW FOKKER 60 - NEW EXPERIENCE! - got the feeling from the advance turboprop with your passengers!

"Five models for Microsoft Flight Simulator X ® are offered by Precision Aerobus (PAOB). Three are painted in camouflage, one is depicted as a cargo aircraft for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and one is depicted as a passenger airliner for KLM. They are called Medical Evacuation, Utility Parachute, Utility Alternate, KLM Cargo, and KLM General. The primary difference between the two KLM aircraft is the right-side cargo door on the cargo version. "




Four doors open and close: Passenger door, large cargo door, service door, and multipurpose door. The large cargo door is not on the KLM passenger model. A door-opening panel available through the popup windows has click buttons for each of these four doors.


Realistic flight model and animated parts are accurate configuration:

- 4 opened doors configuration
- Front large cargo door upward-opening
- Rear multipurpose door at left side opened
- Rear emergency exit door opened
- Detail modification in Virtual Cockpit
- 3D animated Switchs in Overhead Panel
- More Virtual Cabin views with more detail
- 5 models with different cabin layouts
- Cargo and commercial model layouts
- Cabin layout in Tactical Transport for Para-Jump
- Cabin layouts in medical or SAR
- Special cabin chairs for Para-Jumper
- Wing and Propeller view from VC windows
- Main, Overhead, Pedestal panels are almost fully functions
- Flexible-wing effect
- High detail on external model
- High resolution graphics for livery & panel
- Two liveries from Royal Netherlands Air Force
- A KLM-Cityhopper old style HD livery



- Others HD liveries addon are coming soon
- Accurate animate on flaps, rudder, aileron, elevator
- Detail Propeller, gear compressed,
- Wing root section and wing profile
- Wing Root Airfoil, NACA 64-421
- Wing Tip Airfoil, NACA 64-415
- Steerable front gear and retractable gears
- Highly detailed gear and accurate moving parts
- Animated passenger door & gear door
- Reflective shinely & light-map texture
- Metallic object is really reflect with environment
- Reflective glass with transparent and reflective effect
- Detailed windows are really cut on the cockpit and cabin
- Over FS standard's cockpit 2D panel
- Authentic sound effect created from real Fokker
- Engine sound recording from real Fokker
- Build in check list with voice over
- Panel functions are over the MSFS standard
- Over 100 pages Operation-Manual (base on FK50)
- Flight Dynamic renew specially for Fokker 60
- Engine power rating control and reading fixed



There are many realistic features included in the Fokker 60 Panel Design!

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