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-got the feeling from the advance turboprop with your passengers!

biger, longer, faster, flexble, equipped, heavy-duty, multipurpose, convertible, tactical, logistical, medical, official and commercial.


About our Developer:

Over one years of modeling, extensive data research and get help with the real Fokker 60 developer. We co-operate with a talented panel progammer, graphic artists. PAOB - Precisionaerobus is pleased to announce the release of the most realistic Fokker 60 Utility for FSX now.

Our products feature a 'Art of Machine' philosophy, so we are not only specially great on precise Modeling, but also strong in Flight Dynamic. We are not just concentrate on measurement and try our best to input the real data on flight dynamic files, then being the intensive flight dynamic test with real Fokker 50 pilot. PAOB is proud of our gear compression system and engine power setup was according the information from offical Fokker 60 data sheets.

Fokker 60 Panel Project Development are co-operate with a talented gauge programmer and panel designer. Our virtual cockpit panel simulation was upgarded into a new level, it comes equipped with an Integrated Alerting System, Electronic Engine Rating Control and Automatic Flight Control System with EFIS. The Overhead-Panel have 90% was simulated too. Totally, the panel functions are even over the standard of MSFS, so you can sim as a professional pilot with PAOB Fokker 60 now!


The exterior and interior model are highly detailed and super smooth with sweet frame rate, which are included 4 opened doors, detail cabin, accurate wing root section and wing profile. Precision of fuselage, nose, overhead panel and cockpit window which give you an excellant real proportions of views from the virtual cockpit!

Approaching runway with poor weather was a real challenge, the great moment of touch down in the cross wind landing, the PAOB Fokker 60 Utility give you a instant respond to your handling. The real Fokker 50 pilot and the real Fokker 60 developer are also give very good comments. Now you could enjoy an hour VFR flight with any missions in your country. full options support our customer which included : Pilot-tips, Over 80 pages operation-manual (base on Fokker 50), Flight dynamic test report, One livery free included in the original package (more will be coming soon), Version Update information and FAQ etc.

PAOB Fokker 60 Utility is one of the great masterpieces FS addon which worth for your own collection!


FOKKER 60 Utility Overview

TYPE: Twin-turboprop transport; stretched version of Fokker 50.

PROGRAMME: RNethAF order for four placed February 1994 launched full development; mainly for non-airline customers; first deliveries in first half of 1996.

VARIANTS: Fokker 60: Baseline aircraft. Details refer mainly to this version, but where indicated to Fokker 60 Utility.

Fokker 60 Utility Demensions: A 1.62 m (5 ft 3{3/4} in) stretched version of the Fokker 50 three-door configuration; normally equipped with upward-opening, starboard front large cargo door (height 1.78 m; 5 ft 10 in, width 3.05 m; 10 ft 0 in) and a heavy-duty floor; multipurpose door available as an option. Fokker 60 Utility launched February 1994.

Applications include:

Staff transport:
As a (corporate) shuttle the Fokker 60 can carry up to 68 passengers, depending on cabin layout. The aircraft is equipped with passenger seats, overhead bins (including PSUs), carpet, toilet, galley and a rear cabin wall.

Logistics transport:
The Fokker 60 offers 34.4 m{2} (370 sq ft) floor area and is equipped with the large cargo door. This door allows loading of large outsize items, including LD3 containers. Both aircraft can be equipped with a roller track and ballmat system.

Convertible transport:
The Fokker 60 Utility can be changed from a passenger layout into an all-cargo aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with a removable aft cargo wall, removable overhead bins (including PSUs), passenger seats, galley and toilet.

Tactical transport:
The tactical transport version is normally equipped with the multipurpose door. The aircraft can be used for (para)troop transport, supply dropping and medical evacuation (medevac) operations. For (para)troop transport and supply dropping the aircraft is equipped with seat/litter modules (Fokker 60 Utility, 55 seats), para/supply-dropping gear and adaptations (lighting and communication). For medevac operations the aircraft is equipped with stretchers (Fokker 60 Utility, 30 stretchers).

Fokker passenger transport:
Passenger version for 60 passengers for official or commercial use being studied.

CUSTOMERS: RNethAF ordered four Fokker 60 Utility in February 1994 for No. 334 Squadron at Eindhoven. First flight planned September 1995; initial delivery on 1 May 1996.



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Fokker 50/60 : Vref. is the landing threshold speed during final approach at a height of 50 feet above the runway. Recommended final approach speed is Vref. + 10 knots.

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